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Commercial Heat Reflective Roof Paint: Reflective Coating Can Lower Internal Heat Up To 18°C!

Insultec Heat Reflective Paint That Is!

*"It's just unbelievable, we no longer have to wear wet scarves around our necks. It's now very comfortable." And testing confirmed the reason why. The underside of the uncoated roof recorded a massive 55.8°C. The underside of the roofing area coated with Insultec reflective paint measured 38°C.

A staggering difference of 17.8°C. In commercial and industrial buildings where air conditioning is used to reduce internal temperature, this outcome would result in considerable savings on power consumption and expenditure with savings of up to 61% on air conditioning usage to be expected.

Practical examples abound of the way Insultec's absorptive and radiative properties dramatically reduce internal temperatures, of the resulting reduction in air-conditioning power consumption and the increase in the level of personal comfort.

The product we use also CONTAINS NO CERAMICS which can break down quickly.

The reason is simple. Insultec's Solar Cool heat reflective paints are made of a co-polymer compound containing inert pigments and special filters uniquely formulated to re-radiate 90% of solar infrared and 85% of ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere, effectively stopping heat transfer through the roof.

Naturally the greatest amount of solar generated heat will penetrate through the roof, particularly metal roofs. Depending on location, some industrial and commercial buildings will also benefit from applying Insultec's high insulating reflective paint to exterior walls to achieve a maximum reduction of heat transferring into the building.

Talk About Versatility

The scope of Insultec's versatility is matched only by its superior performance enabling the insulating paints to be used in such diverse applications as:

  • The Cool School Program: 431 Queensland government schools have been coated with Insultec resulting in significant increase in comfort for students and staff.
  • Evaporation control of fuel storage tanks: savings of thousands of litres of petroleum and tens of thousands of dollars has been achieved by coating exterior tank surfaces in Insultec.
  • Large-scale road construction projects in Saudi Arabia: the exceptional heat reflective properties of Insultec have taken on a surprising role to achieve a predictable outcome. Due to the superior strength and resilience and ability to bridge gaps to 1.6mm, this product has significantly reduced maintenance costs in a region of extreme temperatures where contraction and expansion of concrete surfaces is a significant problem.

Insultec heat reflective paint displays remarkable adhesion qualities in almost every industrial and commercial situation. The membrane is impervious to salt spray and airborne pollution. It resists fungus and mould and its resistance to flaking, cracking and peeling ensures an outstanding, economical investment that will last and last.

*Greg Bate, Yatala, Qld

If you would like detailed info on the Insultec product here is a link to a 218 page pdf. Download Insultec pdf here. Covers the technology, test reports, testimonials and application data. [Note it is a large file 9.6 MB]

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