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Roofs & Walls

Most buildings will benefit from applying Insultec, especially large commercial premises. In large building walls should not be overlooked either as they can contribute significantly to heat gain.

Concrete Surfaces

Concrete surfaces including roofs and roads can benefit greatly from application, reducing contraction and expansion this can reduce maintenance costs

Asbestos Encapsulation

Large asbestos roofs can be encapsulated instead of costly and disruptive removal.Additional benefit is lowering of internal temperatures by up to 15°C.

Air Conditioning

Application of Insultec can reduce the heat load on a building, thereby reducing airconditioning running costs up to 61%.


Major benefits include reduced air conditioning running costs.

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If you would like detailed info on Insultec here is a link to a 218 page pdf on the product. Download Insultec pdf here. Covers the technology, test reports, testimonials and application data. [Note it is a large file 9.6 MB]

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