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Asbestos Encapsulation System Earns Stringent APAS Accreditation

The Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) in conjunction with the Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation (APMF) have subjected Insultec to their rigid criteria and awarded the 5-year 1720/2 accreditation to this superior Australian asbestos cement sheeting encapsulation system.

Given the APAS scheme is recognised world-wide, this positions Insultec as one of the highest performing, environmentally safe coatings on the global market.

Administered by the CSIRO, APAS also governs OH&S and environmental standards, setting and policing the levels of volatile organic compounds in thousands of paints and coatings.

Along with its superior performance rating, Insultec reflective membrane was found to contain a minimal amount of volatile organic compound (VOC), adding to its other significant direct and secondary environmental advantages such as reduced cooling costs due to its ability to significantly lower internal temperatures.

Sydney based company, Solar Cool, have established themselves as specialists in the Insultec technology. Their Australian operations are a part of broader operations across 23 countries where Insultec’s outstanding solar heat rejecting and protective properties have received recognition and acclaim in countries such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

The highly flexibly compound has proven to be an ideal sealant for asbestos through its ability to bridge significant gaps and cracks, to resist the destructive weathering of pollution and environmental stresses and its exceptional water proofing qualities.

For full particulars outlining the 1720/2 specifications visit www.apas.gov.au/PDFs/1720.pdf

Solar Cool can be contacted for further information on (02) 9596 1087 or www.solar-cool.com.au

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