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Maximise Your Commercial Roof Construction And Gain Long-Term Financial Benefits

commercial roof with asbestos
treated commercial roof
commercial roof with asbestos
treated commercial roof

When putting together the construction design and financial forecast for your commercial roof construction - look past the obvious. Turn your roof into an environmentally friendly, long-life cooling membrane that will slash your air conditioning usage by up to 66%.

Applying Insultec Heat Reflective Membrane Adds 15 Maintenance-Free Years.

Any building construction is a highly cost intensive investment. You can't afford to make mistakes and you can't afford not to protect that investment and ensure it has the longest life span possible.

Solar Cool's world-renowned heat reflective paint has been proven over and over again in independent tests, conducted by major institutions such as The University of New South Wales, Europe's Bureau Veritas and the Indian Institute of Technology, and in practical applications to add at least 15 maintenance-free years to any metal roof.

Class A fire resistant Insultec is microporous with excellent adhesion and water resistance, and has been tested with no failure of durability up to 2000 plus QUV hours. Insultec is totally unaffected by airborne pollution, mould, fungus and salt spray providing the highest standard of long life protection.

A Commercial Roof Construction That Actual Saves $$ Over Time

Commercial roofs, particularly the traditional steel roof, are renowned for their ability to attract and transfer solar heat turning internal areas into virtual ovens, causing air conditioning to struggle and costs to soar.

Due to Insultec's ability to reflect 85% ultraviolet and 90% solar infrared rays your roof will achieve an outstandingly low heat absorption rate of only 1%. Virtually no heat is allowed to enter into the roof cavity or internal building providing a far more comfortable interior and dramatically reduced cooling costs reduced by as much as 61%.

Though roof vents can play a part in removing any heat entering through doors or windows, other forms of roof insulation are unnecessary.

So when considering your new commercial construction or replacing an existing roof structure, contact us on (02) 9596 1087 or via our easy to use form to the right of the screen for our help and advice.

When you know your facts and do your sums, this 'added extra' enables you, over time, to actually recover the costs of your new commercial roof construction.

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