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Concrete Paint, Commercial Roofs

Insultec Heat Reflective Paint is very effective when applied to concrete surfaces.

Concrete roofs benefit in the same way as metal roofing when the concrete paint, Insultec Heat Reflective membrane is applied to the surface area.

Not only do the heat reflective properties of this concrete coating lower the amount of heat conducted through the material to the inside of the building or structure, but there are other benefits too. The membrane helps reduce the contraction and expansion of the material, protect from wear and tear and thus reduce maintenance.

Concrete is used in buildings in many ways: - roofing may be a concrete slab flat roof, or maybe constructed of concrete tiles; walls may be of concrete - a very popular form of construction for the larger area commercial and industrial buildings of today; outdoor courtyard, roof top patios and driveways and storage tanks are just some of the many other applications.

The professionals at Solar Cool are expert in the application of concrete paint in the form of Insultec Heat Reflective Paint. This remarkable product has proven results and can stop 85% of ultra-violet and 90%of infrared rays heating the concrete, by re-radiating them back into the atmosphere.

When applied to concrete roofing and exterior walls in industrial and commercial buildings and other structures, the exterior concrete paint will help cut air-conditioning costs, assist in the reduction of structural damage and protect the concrete from the harmful effects of salt spray, mould, fungus and other air-borne nasties. Concrete storage tanks benefit from an application of Insultec Heat Reflective Concrete Paint where the capability of the product to re-radiate the rays of the sun will help reduce the evaporation of liquids stored inside, and keep grains and other non liquid products much cooler than when exposed to the normal level of thermal conduction.

If your concrete is heating you up more than you would like, contact the experts at Solar Cool either on (02) 9596 1087 or fill in the form on the right hand side of this screen. The hotter it gets, the better it works and the cooler you are!

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