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Solar Cool's Roof Insulation Cuts Air-Conditioning Costs By Half - And More!

Imagine never having another summer staggering under the cost of air conditioning again. What would that do to your bottom-line? Solar Cool’s advanced technology roof insulation, Insultec, is simply light years ahead of any other product. But you don’t have to accept our word for it. We have plenty of support from both the scientific community and those at the coalface to back us up.

"...sheets painted with Insultec reached a mean temperature of 32.5°C while the unpainted sheets reached a mean temperature of 52.6°C."
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

"...unbearably hot on only moderately warm days, reached only comfortably warm conditions on much hotter days, after the application of Insultec."
South Australian Department of Motor Transport

The harsher and hotter the environment the more Insultec excels. Australia is already renowned for our long harsh summers but with temperatures set to rise each year, commercial building insulation is a must.

Asbestos Roof
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Do Your Home Work Before Choosing An Insulation Product

Before choosing an insulated roofing product for your commercial or industrial premises, examine your options carefully. Tests have proven some of the leading names in the Australian market to be well under the performance levels of Solar Cool’s uniquely formulated insulating paint, proven to re-radiate a staggering 90% of solar infrared and 85% of ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere.

Did You Know Air Conditioning Causes Heat To Be Sucked In

A rarely considered side effect of using only air conditioning to cool the interior of buildings is that the cooler internal temperatures actually cause heat to be drawn down into the building. Metal roofs treated with Insultec roofing insulation do not experience this problem, dramatically reducing the strain on internal cooling and achieving savings of up to 61% on air conditioning related power consumption.

A Miracle Product That Is Cost Effective As Well

Not only do you save when you have treated your premises with Insultec you save on the initial cost as well. This hard wearing, environmentally secure heat reflective membrane is guaranteed for 10 years and costs little more than a standard coat of paint.

Send us the details of your project via the form on the right of the screen, or contact us direct on (02) 9596 1087 and we will happily answer your questions and provide you with a quotation. You cannot afford the expense of letting your Commercial roof insulation issues slide through another summer.

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