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What Does Your Commercial Roof Repair Have In Common With A Road Construction Project In Saudi Arabia?

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Plenty! Your commercial roof repair will benefit from the same advanced technology that plays a major role in reducing maintenance costs on large road construction projects in Saudi Arabia.

Solar Cool’s Insultec is renown for exceptional flexibility and durability, enabling significantly reduced contraction and expansion in harsh climatic extremes. The membrane demonstrates superior mechanical adhesion, is outstanding for bridging gaps to 1.6mm and has been confirmed durable to 2000+QUV hours.

It is this high degree of strength and resilience that ensures the stability and effectiveness of your roof repair for a minimum of 15 years.

In tests conducted by Taywood Engineering Ltd of Western Australia, Insultec roof coatings were shown to have remarkable resistance to water, salt water spray, chloride ion diffusion, carbon dioxide and many forms of airborne pollution and resistance to mould, fungus, cracking and peeling.

Why Just Repair The Cracks When You Can Reap Maximum Benefits

Why settle for cosmetic repairs that only make your roof look good. Insultec is not merely a topcoat but a high heat rejecting elastomeric membrane recognised globally as unequalled in its field. Insultec demonstrates the exceptional ability to re-radiate 90% of infrared light and 85% of ultraviolet light rays, blocking the cause of heat build up.

Major corporations and government bodies have proven the performance of Insultec in practical application with reported reductions in temperature between 15°C and 20.7°C resulting in dramatically reduced air-conditioning costs. Numerous cases have also been documented where air-conditioning is no longer required.

Doubly Enhance Your Restoration By Blocking Wall Related Heat Transfer

Naturally, the majority of solar heat will affect the roofing area. In some areas, and with larger buildings, application of Insultec heat reflective membrane to the exterior walls will result in the maximum reduction of heat transfer possible.

This is particularly applicable with west facing walls, famous for heating up like barbeque bricks under the afternoon sun. Insultec can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces with outstanding results including galvanised steel, cleaned or primed fibro, concrete, timber and more. It has a Class 1 Fire Retardant, has no harmful chemicals, is maintenance free and comes with a 10 year written warranty.

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